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Principal Dies Saving Students From Oncoming Bus

This Principal Sacrificed Herself to Save Students From an Oncoming School Bus

In a tragic act of sacrifice, an elementary school principal in Lawrence Township, Indiana was killed after saving students from impending danger. Susan Jordan, who dedicated her life to the children of Amy Beverland Elementary School, pushed several children out of the way of an oncoming schoolbus before being struck and killed herself. Though two students sustained injuries from the incident, which is being treated as a freak accident by authorities, Jordan's selfless act undoubtedly saved several lives.

Beloved by students and faculty — who remember her as a "legend in education" — Jordan's death has rocked Lawrence Township to its core. In the wake of this devastating accident, a video from Amy Beverland Elementary students has surfaced, thanking their principal for all the hard work that she put forth for their well being. While the sweet words and genuine love shared in the video were certainly meaningful in life, the dedication is even more touching given Jordan's unbelievable final act.

Susan Jordan's heroism is proof of the dedication that she felt for her pupils, and there's no doubt that other educators would have acted similarly for the sake of the children they care so much about. As we mourn the loss of the devoted principal, be sure to thank your child's teachers and show a little extra appreciation for all that they do.

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