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Pumping Tips

The (New) Working Mom's Guide to Breast Pumping Made Tolerable

Pumping Tips

During the first few weeks with my new baby, I had a hard time understanding moms who said that they actually enjoyed breastfeeding. I felt like it was all I ever did, and it took a little practice to become confident that things were going smoothly. But eventually, nursing became a relaxing, quiet time that I actually looked forward to. Plus, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your baby thrive and being able to take responsibility for his growth.

Pumping, however, is a whole other story. It's time-consuming, uncomfortable, and just a tad bit humiliating. But if you're planning on returning to work and want to continue breastfeeding your baby, pumping at the office is a necessary evil. Here are the tricks and tips that I've found make the process just a bit more bearable.

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