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Saleswoman at Lush Helps Mom and Son With Autism

Lush Employee Went Above and Beyond For a Stressed-Out Mom and Her Son With Autism

Dear sweet saleswoman at Lush, After a particularly rough morning of a 2.5+ hour meltdown, a broken iPad case (it's...

Posted by Life Through A Different Lens on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Many people who are looking to relax a bit head into Lush stores to find the perfect bath bomb or shampoo to massage into their scalp, but for Caitlin Cavallaro, she was able to relax in one of the stores thanks to an employee who went above and beyond for her toddler with autism. After a morning of meltdowns, tantrums, punches, and broken iPad cases, Cavallaro was in major need of a break, which she found in the form of a saleswoman at Lush who was willing to play with her son and keep him busy while his mama shopped.

Cavallaro shared the details of the unexpected experience in a post to Facebook.

"Although his spirits were better than the morning, his love of all things choo-choos is STRONG and he lets everyone know it. You were so accommodating. You didn't mind that he was running his trains all over your store, dropping things, and making a mess on the floor. You talked trains with him, you washed his arms with cleanser, you made a 'sleeping bag' for his trains out of Lush bags, and as I was checking out, he sprawled out on the floor and despite him blocking half the walkway, you proceeded to lay down on the floor alongside him and play trains."

Public outings can be difficult for any parent, especially for a parent with a child on the autistim spectrum, so Cavallaro was extremely grateful for this sweet saleswoman whose kindness capped-off a stressful morning of shopping.

"What could have been a traumatic experience, you turned in to one of our most enjoyable public outings," she wrote. "I so, so, SO needed this experience. Thanks for helping me to remember that not everyone will judge you and even the littlest thing can make your day! All this world needs is a little love and understanding and you sure helped prove that today!"

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