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School District's Funny Tweets About Snow Day

This School District Shut Down Every Student Asking For a Snow Day in the Most Hilarious Tweets Ever

When students from the Cherokee County School District in Georgia saw the rare opportunity for a snow day, they took to Twitter to express their excitement. But when the surrounding districts gave their students a day off and the Cherokee students still had school, they tweeted at the district's Twitter account, having no idea that the person running the account was a hilariously savage person, ready to unleash a fury of sarcasm shutting down their requests for a snow day.

Although the parents of the district may have been relieved that there was no snow day, the kids would not give up their persistent begging and bribing for the day off. One student offered to give the person running the account a dollar for the day off, to which the district responded, "$1?? Who do you think I am, McDonalds?" — and that was only the start.

Keep reading to see some of the incredible responses from the Cherokee School District, and prepare to laugh.

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