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See Disney Princesses as Parents

This Artist Turns Disney Princesses Into Parents — and the Results Are Perfection

See Disney Princesses as Parents
Image Source: Isaiah Stephens

Illustrators have had fun turning beloved Disney princesses into all sorts of things, from '50s-style pinup girls to Star Wars heroines. The only artistic mashup we haven't seen yet happens to be one that would most likely follow all the "happily ever after" storylines — what these fairy-tale characters would look like as parents.

Thankfully, artist Isaiah Stephens lets us in on what it'd really be like for Ariel to have a food-throwing toddler, for Belle to breastfeed, and for Jasmine to rock a baby bump with nine amazingly accurate depictions — all shared on his Facebook page and Instagram account. From Pocahontas to Queen Elsa, it's fun to see what realistically comes after their storybook ending. Take a look.

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