26 Hilarious Stick Figure Families (and One We Really Love)

24/05/2018 - 12:22 PM

I've never really been a fan of the whole stick figure family decal trend for cars, but, to be fair, I don't really go for bumper stickers in general. Furthermore, I don't need (or want, for safety reasons) every other motorist knowing exactly who is in my brood. However, some folks have really embraced the fad, and those cute little stickers can be spotted on the back of cars all over the place. And while my motto is usually "to each his own," I'd say that the following folks have taken their stick families to a whole new level.

Source: Flickr user Christine Rondeau [1]

The Iguana Mouse Family

Seriously though, where does one find a stick figure decal for an iguana with Mickey Mouse ears? I can't imagine there is a big market for those.

Source: Instagram user asongforyou [2]

The Prius Stick Family

People always say that Priuses are surprisingly roomy inside, but I'd love to see that family of 13 climb out.

Source: Instagram user dakota._.brown [3]

The Dead Fish Family

Maybe less hula dancing and more fish feeding?

Source: Instagram user laurencjackson [4]

The 14 Kids and Counting Family

. . . and by counting, I mean diapers.

Source: Instagram user flossboss32 [5]

The Bitter Divorce Family

You have to give it to him, that's pretty clever.

Source: Instagram user imsupersteph [6]

The Jailhouse Rocks Family

Really? I guess orange is the new black [7] . . .

Source: Instagram user christine8512 [8]

The One Man Family

One really is the loneliest number.

Source: Instagram user champagneandtacos [9]

The "Must Love Dogs" Family

Although I'd say "family" is a stretch here.

Source: Instagram user sierratobiason [10]

The Crazy Cat Lady Family

I'm pretty sure I saw this person on an episode of Hoarders the other day.

Source: Instagram user thegoddamnbatmanuel [11]

The Busiest Family Around

I suspect this mom spends a lot of time in her car.

Source: Instagram user akjd13 [12]

The Oopsie Baby Family

Poor Jodie — second children really do get shafted.

Source: Instagram user mike_rousseau [13]

The Motorcycle Gang Family

As they always say, the family that forms a motorcycle gang together, stays together.

Source: Instagram user redwblackdots [14]

The M.I.C.K.E. Why? Family

And then the cashier at Disney said, "17 tickets? That'll be $2,000, please. And sorry, no dogs allowed."

Source: Instagram user newmr015 [15]

The I'm-Not Even-Sure-What-Is-Going-On-Here Family

Is that a goat in the middle?

Source: Instagram user sdub05 [16]

The To-the-Left Family

I just feel bad for whoever that one on the right represents.

Source: Instagram user caraj11 [17]

The Farm Family

A horse. A chicken. A pitchfork. I'm guessing you guys aren't city folk.

Source: Instagram user missesdvs [18]

The Odd Priorities Family

Hey, to some people, two dogs and three bags of money is a very nice family.

Source: Instagram user cmarie1 [19]

The Skull Family

Nope, sorry, having your stick family made out of skulls does not make you any cooler.

Source: Instagram user achaser83 [20]

The Family Tree Stick Family

At least, I hope that's a family tree.

Source: Instagram user annaleeblysse [21]

The Rich Singleton Family

That's one way to announce your status.

Source: Instagram user luucasboehm420 [22]

The Mathematician Family

If he truly "loves math," then he must have known that the only thing nine kids and two dogs equals is pure insanity.

Source: Instagram user beththephotogirl [23]

The Stick Family Minus One

Clearly someone wasn't holding their weight.

Source: Instagram user ireallydonthaveinstagram [24]

The Debbie Downer Family

Don't even think about cutting off "PA of 12."

Source: Instagram user leftcoastpunk21 [25]

The Failed Marriages Family

Some people just aren't "marriage" material.

Source: Instagram user formulatoy [26]

The Yo Mama Family

. . . hey, now. That's just wrong.

Source: Instagram user cmarie1 [27]

The Family That Speaks the Truth


Source: Instagram user dnadal13 [28]

The Modern Family

Now that's one stick family that gets my support!

Source: Instagram user strawberryjes [29]

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