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Stranger Befriends Disabled Boy on Flight

This Stranger Became BFFs With a Boy With Special Needs on His Flight

Flying with children is known to be a stressful feat for parents. You have to pack enough snacks and activities to keep them occupied the entire time, you'll probably end up walking to the bathroom more than five times, and it seems nearly impossible to avoid those mid-flight meltdowns. And let's not forget about fielding those death glares and eye rolls from nearby strangers every time your child makes the slightest peep.

But one kind traveler sitting next to a young boy on his flight from Philadelphia to Denver swapped eye rolls for selfies, as he befriended the boy during their journey.

Made a new friend

Imgur user SunshineGuardian posted on the picture-sharing site and explained how the child "just stared at me" as he sat next to his family of three on the plane. "I work as a pediatric technician for the air force so I'm pretty good with kids and can tell if something about them is different," he wrote in the post. The man went on to explain how the left side of the child's brain is "completely non-functioning." But that didn't stop them from enjoying their flight together.

"Me and my new bud listened to music (he really enjoyed Coure de Pirate, a French artist that I listen to) and communicated through pointing, gestures, and babbling," the man wrote. "All in all, it was an amazing flight." Plus, the stranger helped the boy's sister and mother communicate with the flight attendants, as they only spoke Spanish.

The new pals documented their budding friendship with an adorable selfie that went viral on Imgur, amassing more than 100,000 views and dozens of comments about their sweet interaction.

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