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Stranger Buys Minnie Mouse Doll For Child

Stranger's Story Behind Buying a Minnie Mouse Doll For a Baby Girl Will Bring You to Tears

Buying a Mickey or Minnie Mouse doll for a baby is almost a no-brainer — the Disney mascots are staples in so many little lives — but the touching reason a girl in the UK was bought a small plush of the famous mouse by a stranger will bring you to tears. When the 4-month-old baby girl's mom took her shopping she had no idea she'd run into an older gentleman who would use the Minnie Mouse toy to remind her what the Christmas season is all about.

The woman shared the story in a post on the Spotted Yorkshire Facebook page, explaining that the man began to make a fuss over her daughter in the toy aisle.

We smiled and made polite conversation. We walked further down the Christmas gifts where he was stood and he held out his hand with some money and pointed to the Disney teddies and insisted he buy one for her. I quickly denied this generous offer but he insisted and went on to tell us that he lost his wife 18 months prior and she loved Mickey Mouse. He went on to say he has no family of his own and all he wanted to do was buy a Christmas gift for somebody. So we let him buy a Minnie mouse for her.

The man's touching story and kind gesture reminded this mom what the holiday season is really about: "My heart is well and truly full of love today. This man made my day and this will be a Christmas story I will tell to my little girl every year when she asks what Christmas is all about."

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