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Stranger Takes Candid Photo of Mom and Baby Asleep on Plane

A Stranger Captured the Perfect Candid Photo of an Exhausted Mom and Her 3-Month-Old

"We were on a flight from Port Hedland to Perth which was scheduled to take 2 hours, instead we got diverted to collect...

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Being a new mom is tiring no matter what time of day it is or where you and your baby are at a given moment. A mother who was traveling with her 3-month-old for the first time experienced first hand the exhaustion of being a mom in general coupled with unexpected flight delays.

"We were on a flight from Port Hedland to Perth, which was scheduled to take two hours," Charlotte Mathhews shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page. "Instead we got diverted to collect stranded passengers in Broome, making the trip five hours. It was my first trip with my 3-month-old, Monty, and I was exhausted just generally from being a mother."

After a bit of shuffling around to find a position that was comfortable for both her and Monty to sleep in, Matthews was able to get him to sleep with kisses and cooing. After Matthews fell asleep herself, little did she know, but the stranger across the aisle was a photographer who saw the sweet bonding moment and felt the need to capture it for her.

"A photographer sitting across the aisle unknowingly snapped this moment," Matthews wrote. "He later showed it to me and sent me a sweet note about capturing our first flight together." Although her trip came with unexpected turbulence (pun intended), this adorable candid photo of the pair looks like it made all the struggle and exhaustion worth it.

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