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Stretch Marks During Second Pregnancy

Mom's Thoughts on Accepting the Differences Between Her 2 Pregnancies

Neram Curly thought she knew what to expect during her second pregnancy. However, this mom of two quickly learned that just because she's been through it before doesn't mean her body will react the same. During her first pregnancy, Neram didn't get any stretch marks, except for "two small ones that appeared after the birth underneath my bellybutton" that faded as quickly as they first appeared. However, the second time around, she discovered these marks during her third trimester.

"There were more of them and I knew that these would stay, that they'd be permanent and there wasn't anything that I could do to change that," she wrote on Instagram along with a postpartum snapshot. "So in all those weeks before the birth, I had time to get used to them, learn to accept them, and love them as being part of my new body — the body of this mother-of-two."

Neram credits using the time during her pregnancy to let go of any ill feelings over the new marks on her skin, which she realized she had no control of, for helping to speed the "acceptance and love process." However, she also realizes that other brave moms who have proudly shared their postpartum bodies and struggles made this transition easier for her.

"I believe that sharing our experiences with each other does influence us in a positive way. When we do that we help and empower each other," Neram wrote. "I have never loved my body more than now . . . and believe me, I wouldn't have thought that back when I was 20 years old!"

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