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Style Blogger's Thoughts on Her Postpartum Body

At 1 Month Postpartum, This Hilarious Style Blogger Had a Lot to Say About Her Body

Charmaine Daudu wears a lot of hats: "style chameleon," beauty blogger, YouTuber, and now, mama. Just over a month ago, Charmaine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Zendé, and since then, she's kept it extremely real on social media when it comes to her postpartum body.

"I have to say, I love that lil pouch . . . should I call it my fanny pack?" she wrote in a caption under a photo of herself one month postpartum. "Anyway, it was Zen's home so I'd be lying if I said I wish it would go away faster . . . I'm still emotionally attached."

Charmaine's refreshing approach to her body is something to behold, especially as many moms struggle with their looks and identity after giving birth. Although not every woman may not be "attached" to their belly postbirth, it's hard not to be inspired by Charmaine's fresh perspective.

In a post shared just one week after giving birth, Charmaine wrote a few words of encouragement to her fellow moms:

"Giving birth is one hell of a ride, not to mention the months prior to the actual labor . . . so give yourself some credit! I think it's fantastic to feel motivated and inspired by others, but at the end of the day, we can only be ourselves. If you're comparing your after to someone when you didn't even have the same before, you are already setting yourself up for disappointment. Be kind to yourself, the world can be cruel enough as it is . . . and if you just gave birth, you're pretty much a superhero, so extra armor comes with the territory."

It's safe to say we're pretty much obsessed with this amazing mama. Scroll through to see a few more of her photos postbaby — with and without the adorable Zendé — and to read her hilarious and inspiring captions.

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