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Target Employee Gives Beauty and the Beast Fan a Toy

Magical Encounter With a Stranger at Target Left 1 Disney Fan Dazed and Amazed

"Thank you Cal from the Target on Snowden in Columbia MD! ❤️ Last night I took my daughter to see Beauty and the Beast....

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, March 18, 2017

Like many little girls who couldn't wait for the new Beauty and the Beast movie to come out in theaters, Alina Cathcart's daughter wanted to see it dressed up as Belle.

However, this little girl didn't sleep off her excitement and insisted on wearing her princess costume the next day as well. Alina gave in and as the mother-daughter duo stopped at their local Target, and an employee not only noticed the child's special dress, but also made a point to admire her costume and chat about the movie. "Although she was acting painfully shy, he patiently waited for her to slowly tell him her favorite parts and all about the birthday party she was invited to this weekend," Alina shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

The little girl noted what a nice man the employee was as he walked away and Alina couldn't help but feel thankful to this stranger who took time out of his day to make her child feel special. "Ten minutes later, we once again crossed paths with Cal. He walked up to my daughter and knelt down to be on her level," Alina shared. "With great care and sincerity, he asked if she could protect and keep this rose safe for the Beast."

As the child "barely got a shocked, 'Yes!'" out of her mouth, Cal handed Alina a gift receipt for the toy and reminded the girl not to forget her promise. "I don't know what made him think to do such a kind act, but it brought me to tears," she wrote. "In this crazy world, he took the time to create a special moment for a little girl who still believes in magic and that the world is filled with wonders and possibilities."

However, Cal's kind deed didn't just have an impact on the mesmerized child. "A thousand thank yous will never be enough for you to understand what you did for my daughter and how you helped me see there IS a little magic left in this world," Alina added.

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