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Teacher Brings Son to School in Godzilla Suit

What Did This Teacher's Son Wear to Work With Her? A Freaking Godzilla Suit

Upon realizing that her son had the day off from school, Erika Biga Lee decided to just bring him to work with her at Indiana University. That's when Max decided to pick out the best possible outfit for his exciting day off with mom: a Godzilla suit.

In a hilarious tweet, the web design professor showed Max roaming among her students in his hysterical suit. That same day, one of Erika's students also shared pictures of the unusual visitor. In the pictures, shown below, you can see students just absolutely losing it over Max's costume.

It gets better: according to Erika, Max dressed up in a dinosaur suit the last time she brought him to work with her. In the video, shown below, Max has a blast while running around and spooking passerbys. We commend Max's personal style and hope he keeps up this incredible tradition.

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