15 Times Kate Middleton Was Totally Just a Regular Mom

24/04/2018 - 12:04 PM

Ah, royals . . . they're just like us! OK, maybe not, but there is something truly universal about raising kids that means it doesn't matter if you are the Duchess of Cambridge — you're still going to have your fair share of struggles [1]. Kate Middleton may always seem poised and put together, but as every mom knows, parenting is hard.

Scroll through for 15 times Kate Middleton was just like every other mom [2] trying to raise kids.

When she had to field rogue and angry hair pulls.

Kids are at their absolute strongest when locks of your hair are intertwined between their fingers.

When she watched her child hilariously struggle with a new concept, like bubble-blowing.

And was probably also thinking, "I hope those are nontoxic," and "Do bubbles stain?"

When she had to pry an inanimate object out of a baby's mouth.

Everything goes straight to the mouth . . .

When she had to give her son a pep talk so he wouldn't lose it in the middle of something important.

We've all been there, just on the cusp of losing it ourselves.

When she had to dress and redress her toddler a million times.

Kids just love to take their clothes off, they can't help it.

When she up and left her crying toddler to her partner because she just could not deal.

Deep breath, keep moving, let them handle this one.

When she feigned excitement about her child's new and temporary plaything . . .

. . . and was really just thinking about the moment she could throw it out before cluttering the house (ahem, palace) with more crap.

When she put great effort into her family's appearance only to find that something, of course, went wrong.

In this case, it was that one perfect baby shoe sitting happily on the ground under her daughter's foot. Whoops.

When she had to remind her excited child to thank someone for a gift they received.

"Now, what do you say to President Obama . . . ?"

When she acted like the thing her kid was doing was 10 times more amazing than it was.

"You're shooting bubbles out of a bubble gun?! NO. WAY."

When she answered the "Mom, look at that!" call for the millionth time.

And ended up looking at something as mundane as a leaf, but acted like it was incredible.

When she glowed watching the world through her child's eyes.

Even the most simple of things look better when viewing them through the eyes of a little one.

When she wanted a simple family photo but her child had different ideas.

A child's mission: must never look at camera.

When she looked at someone offering to entertain her child with skeptical disbelief.

"You mean you're going to keep her busy for two minutes with this balloon? Is it my birthday?!"

When she looked lovingly at her partner interacting with their child.

There's nothing better than seeing the person you love in love with your child.

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