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Toddler Snowboarding For the First Time

You’ll Never Believe What This Baby Can Do Just 1 Month After Learning How to Walk

Many people have to work hard to develop a specific talent and spend months honing their skills. But for one Utah toddler, it seems like she was just born with it.

The 14-month-old Sloan hit the slopes just one month after learning how to walk and left everyone in awe over her natural skills on a modified snowboard. Even though the little girl has only had experience on her two feet for mere weeks, she didn't let this stop her from testing out the conditions and holding her own on the bunny slope.

Little Sloan showed off her impressive coordination and balance while her parents switched off between recording her moves and staying close by. And although this little lady wasn't going down any double black diamond slopes, she never fell — which is more than most adults can say!

"Even though it was the smallest snowboard on the market, we still had to make modifications to it so her legs weren't so far apart," Sloan's dad Zach Henderson wrote to 2News.

Once you get over any jealousy about how such a little person could already be so gifted, you won't be able to help but crack up over how proud of herself (for good reason!) this tot is.

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