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Toddler Yells at Dad For Not Putting the Toilet Seat Down

Toddler Hilariously Scolds Her Dad After He Leaves the Toilet Seat Up Again

"How many times do I have to tell you — when you put the [toilet] seat up . . . to put it down for me?!"

If you're a woman who's ever lived with a man, you've probably asked this question in some variation what feels like hundreds of times. Although Bradlee Rae Hayes is just a toddler, she's already realized the frustrating struggles that come with the toilet seat being left up. The adorable toddler hits her dad, Jeremiah, with the hard facts: "I don't want to [put it down], I just want you to do it. Listen to me — when you're done with the potty . . . you need to put [the seat] down for the girls."

Can we get a slow clap for Bradlee?

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