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Trendiest Toys Coming Out in 2018

You'll Get a Few "Can I Get It?" Requests This Year Thanks to All These Trendy Toys Coming Out

Trendiest Toys Coming Out in 2018
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Toy trends come and go — some lasting much, much longer than others (looking at you, collectibles) — and this year, toy store shelves are going to see a few new trends in the bunch. The one that surprised us the most? Well, it's poop. Apparently toilet humor and poop-based games are going to be all the rage with kids this year, and every brand seemed to have something relating to the theme. Add those toys to the collectibles craze and all of the new "pet" toys your kids can play with before you think about getting them an actual pet, and you've got yourself some trendy toys perfect for gift-giving throughout the year. See all of the coolest toys ahead, and don't forget to check out our sneak peek at so many more toys coming out in 2018.

— Additional reporting by Rebecca Gruber and Murphy Moroney
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