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Twins Kissing in Sonogram

Witness the Magic of Sisterhood as These Twins Kiss During an Ultrasound

These twin girls aren't even out of the womb yet and they're already best friends! When Carissa Gill and her partner, Randy Good, went to the doctor for their 25-week ultrasound, they saw their twin girls kissing each other in what is hands-down the cutest ultrasound photo of all time. Ultrasound images are always magical, but it's incredibly rare to see twins interact like this, and Isabella and Callie are proving the power of sisterhood.

"I've done 15,000 of these, and I've never seen twins face-to-face, looking like they're kissing" John Hamburg of Fetal Vision Imaging told the Huffington Post. "Usually, one's head is up and the other is down." But these twins are already feeling the bond of sisterhood, as we can see "Baby B" kissing "Baby A" on the cheek above.

Carissa had no idea that a routine sonogram would turn into such a sweet moment. "My heart was so full," she told Inside Edition. "It was a photo that would make any new parent smile."

In 15 years when Isabella and Callie are fighting over teenage crushes, we hope their parents use this photo to remind them that nothing is stronger than the bond of sisters!

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