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Video About Mom Guilt

This Woman's Video Nailed Mom Guilt on the Head

Y'all share this. Please? It's my hope that someone somewhere is stinkin' it up like me. Thank you and bless.

Posted by Melissa Radke on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ahh, mom guilt. It's felt pretty much every second of every day from the moment you give birth, and though it shouldn't have to be this way, that's how the (lactation) cookie crumbles. Melissa Radke, the funny mom who had the internet in hysterics over her rant about her kids' spirit week at school, knows a thing or two about mom guilt and created a video because it's her hope that "someone somewhere is stinkin' it up like me."

The video, which features Radke sitting on a bed, starts with her holding up a sheet of paper that reveals she hates those videos where the people just flip up pieces of paper. Why she's doing it then, you ask? Well, watch the video to find out why, but mom guilt mayyyy have a little something to do with it.

As always though, she finds the humor in every situation, so expect to giggle throughout.

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