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Video of Dresser Falling on Toddlers

This Mom Posted a Video of a Dresser Falling on Her Twin Toddlers For Good Reason

If you're a parent and you don't have your furniture mounted, this alarming video will certainly motivate you to get the job done today.

One mom posted a "nanny cam" video to YouTube showing how it took literally five seconds for her two-year-old twin toddler boys to cause their nursery room dresser to fall right on top of them. Thankfully, the boys – Bowdy and Brock – were not seriously injured, but it's a jarring reminder to all parents to take proper precautions when childproofing their homes.

"We didn't hear a cry. We didn't hear a big thud, so we just woke up, looked at the camera, then we saw that it was all the way down. They were just still playing, so we didn't know if it had landed on them," mom Kayli Shoff told Utah's 14 News.

The video showed the twins trying to climb onto the empty drawers of the low dresser, at which point it fell on top of both boys. Bowdy was able to climb out, but Brock was still trapped underneath. Bowdy attempted to lift the dresser.

"So he just pushed with all of his might, and it pushed it right off of his brother," said Shoff, admitting that she was at first hesitant to share the video. "Everybody needs to bolt down their dressers to the wall. I mean, we just didn't think about it. Accidents are going to happen, so, we just want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hope that it doesn't happen to any other families."

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