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Water Safety Tips For Parents

25 Water Safety Tips That Could Save Your Child’s Life This Summer

Water Safety Tips For Parents

Long days, unlimited play dates, higher temperatures, and relaxed bedtimes are just a few of the long-awaited summertime perks children dream of all school year-long. While every child's Summer vacation looks a little different — from sleep-away camp to family vacations — water is definitely a common denominator for everyone.

While lounging poolside and taking a dip in the ocean are relaxing ways for families to spend a Summer day, it's still tough to ignore the fact that there are serious safety risks — and even fatal consequences — that can occur while kids are in, on, or around any body of water. But fortunately for parents, there are a ton of water safety tips that can be practiced whenever your child is swimming (or even near water in general), so that everyone can stay safe while still having fun this Summer.

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