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What Is a Child's Best Age?

What Really Is a Kid's "Best Age"?

Was it when your kids were squishy newborns or when they started saying hilarious things as toddlers did you think they were at the "best age?" Or are you still waiting for your favorite age? It's a hard thing to pinpoint, and of course there is no one right answer, which is why we asked our readers to share their thoughts!

Maybe your kids are in school and their snarky attitude has you longing for those cute toddler days or perhaps your toddler just started having major tantrums and you can't help but wish for the sleepy newborn days back. Whatever phase you're currently in, these responses will have you feeling both nostalgic for the ages your little ones have passed and looking forward to watching them grow.

  1. "About 6 months old was always my favorite age. Not old enough to crawl, but more sturdy, they start sleeping through the night and their little personalities start to develop." — Meara D.
  2. "Definitely newborns. They don't talk back, make messes, or yell that they hate you because you told them they couldn't wear shorts to school in the winter. All that is coming from my 5- and 3-year-olds! I'd pick newborns any day." — Erin W.
  3. "Teenagers actually. I know some people are thinking "OMG she's insane," [but] my oldest is pretty awesome and I can relate to her a heck of a lot better than I can my toddler. All my kids are awesome (I have five), but I love the teen years the most probably." — Emily M.
  4. "I loved my 3-year-olds!! My very favorite age of childhood. But now that they're grown, I find them simply amazing too. Teen daughters? Not so much." — Amy B.
  5. "My near 9- and near 10-year-old are bliss. They can do most things themselves, help cook/bake. Shower on their own and can actually enjoy going out to places and having random conversations." — Kirstin J.
  6. "My kids are 12, 8, and 4. I loved when they were about 1 to 2-and-a-half. They were a little more independent, but not really mouthy yet, and I love when they are just starting to walk (waddles)." — Heidi S.
  7. "My 12-year-old son is awesome. He can lift heavy stuff, catch small creepy things, mow the lawn, and entertain his little brother. Best age so far." — Aeron M.
  8. "After 2! 0 to 2 were the worst!" — Giulia P.
  9. "I've loved every stage with my 3-year-old, but this really is a great age!" — Jessica K.
  10. "School age! 5-9." — Karen T.
  11. "Love the newborn stage and I'm enjoying the mid-teen stage with my eldest too." — Kelsey L.
  12. "I LOVE watching my daughters grow up and finding out who they are, but I'd say toddler is a hilarious stage." — Valarie H.
  13. "I have five children. My favorite age is 4!!!" — Jill S.
  14. "When you could put them on the floor and they'd still be there when you got back from the bathroom." — Tess P.
  15. "All of it, until they started driving! They are 36 and 31." — Rose G.

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