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What Coffee Does to Moms BreakWomb Video

This Video Demonstrating the Effects of Caffeine on Moms Is So Hilariously Relatable

If you've ever experienced a sudden, superhuman, world-conquering feeling after consuming a cup of coffee, you're not alone. The ladies of the BreakWomb are demonstrating for us the roller coaster of emotion that is living a mom life void of caffeine versus being fully-loaded with a hundred or so milligrams of the good stuff (the stuff that has been made, sipped once, reheated three times in the microwave, sipped once, reheated again, and left in the microwave for the rest of time).

In the video — in which the ladies are planning a last-minute kid birthday party — the caffeine meter goes from empty to full, as do their crazy mood swings and ideas. Watch the video to see it for yourself, and stick around to the end to see their ultimate problem-solving solution.

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