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Why Boys Should Play With Strollers

Dad Is Teaching His Son That Parenting Isn't Just a Woman's Job With 1 Gift

So lately Knox has been playing with a tiny baby doll. He calls it bubba. Absolutely loves it. Pretends it's his own...

Posted by DaDMuM on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lately, a little boy named Knox has been playing with a small doll that he calls Bubba. The Australian toddler absolutely loves his "baby," but his dad didn't realize how important this toy was for his son until he was out Christmas shopping with his wife.

Despite knowing how much Knox enjoys playing with his baby doll, Brad Kearns didn't give it a second thought until his wife mentioned that for one of the Knox's gifts, they needed to find a stroller for him to push Bubba around in. Without even realizing it, Brad's first reaction to Sarah's thoughtful idea was to turn his nose up and ask why they would buy their little boy a stroller.

"Why did I do that? What's wrong with a little boy having a pram and a baby?" Brad wrote on his Facebook page, DaDMuM. " I was literally going against most of the stuff I preach and I didn't even mean to. I just assumed that a pink toy wasn't a boy's toy."

Despite understanding and publicly sharing online that it's a dad's responsibility to teach boys how to treat women with equality and respect, this open-minded father still learned a major lesson in the toy aisle. "No wonder some little boys grow up thinking parenting is a woman's job. No wonder," Brad wrote. "We looked at all the prams and they were basically all pink. Most real prams are black . . . "

Instead of denying his son of a "girl" toy, Brad is gifting Knox and Bubba with a stroller — even if it is pink. "We need to change this!" he wrote. "Our little boys and girls need to know it's okay to be whatever they want to be."

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