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This is Why Kids Are Narcissistic

Why You Need to Stop Telling Your Kids They're Special

Every parent thinks that their own child's the best, but sharing that sentiment may be doing more harm than good. A new study conducted by the University of Amsterdam has found that narcissism is an aquired trait that stems from children "internalizing parents' inflated views of them," as reported in US News and World Report.

Researchers surveyed 565 children between the ages of 7 and 11, as well as their parents, and found a correlation between those moms and dads who have an inflated view of their children and those same kids expressing narcissistic tendencies. So next time you gush over what's truthfully a mediocre piece of artwork or just-OK test score, think twice. You may be overindulging an ego that doesn't need it.

Image Source: Corbis Images
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