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Why Moms Should Take Photos With Their Kids

This Girl Just Taught Her Mom a Major Lesson on Self-Acceptance

When Annie was swiping through photos on her mom's phone, she noticed that something was missing. The child asked her mom why most of the pictures were solely of her and why the ones with both of them together were mainly focused on just her?

This innocent but important observation caught Alaya off guard and she stumbled for an appropriate answer. "I didn't want to use any negative self talk phrases with her, so my answer was very generic," she wrote on Instagram. But instead of dropping it, the 5-year-old girl had one more thing to say about her mom's lack of photos:

Moma. You are beautiful just like me. You [have] beautiful brown eyes and big curly hair. I have beautiful brown eyes and straight hair. We're different and the same AT THE SAME TIME! We're both beautiful!

Stunned, Alaya smothered her little girl with kisses and promised to take more pictures with Annie. Although her daughter didn't realize it, she taught her mom an important lesson that she hopes other moms can learn from. "Your children don't care what you look like, they simply want to be with you in the same picture," Alaya shared on Instagram. "So stop thinking 'I'll be in the picture after I lose seven pounds' or 'after my acne clears up' or 'once I get these braces off my teeth' because the more time you try to avoid pictures, the more you may regret it in the future."

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