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Woman Gives Birth on Flight From Dubai To Philippines

This Woman Gave Birth on a Flight From Dubai Like It Was No Big Deal

One woman made a trip from Dubai to the Philippines she'll never forget. In fact, the same could be said for many of the people on board the flight which saw the first baby born on Cebu Pacific Air. Despite the first-time mom not being due to give birth until October, on Sunday August 14 she found herself delivering a daughter named Haven while mid-air.

It seemed the airline couldn't be happier to share the news on their social media channels, writing: "Cheers to the first baby born on one of our flights! To celebrate, we're giving her 1 million GETGO PH points, which have no expiry and may be shared with her family."

Cabin crew plus two nurses who happened to be on board, helped welcome the child to the world safely at only 32 weeks, and pilots landed the plane in Hyderabad, India to ensure mom and her newborn could get the medical care they needed. Prior to landing she could be seen chilling out in her seat and in quite calm fashion too!

"We are happy that both mother and daughter are doing well, and would like to commend our flight and cabin crew for handling the situation with utmost professionalism and efficiency," Cebu's president and CEO Lance Gokongwei said. "We also express our sincerest gratitude to the two volunteer nurses who helped ensure the baby's safe delivery."

One fellow passenger captured the moment with a picture that has gone viral on Facebook, and it's agreed the new parent handled it like a boss lady! Read her story in the post below.

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