28/01/2016 - 12:30 AM

McDonald's Chocolate French Fries

From Nicole Iizuka, POPSUGAR Food

McDonald's Chocolate French Fries


  1. 1 tablespoon heavy cream
    2 tablespoons white chocolate chips
    1 tablespoon powdered sugar
    1 large McDonald's french fries
    2 tablespoons McDonald's hot chocolate fudge sauce (you can ask for it in a container)


  1. Pour heavy cream over white chocolate chips and microwave in 30-second intervals until melted. Whisk with powdered sugar.
  2. Drive to McDonald's and order large french fries. Then kindly ask them for some hot fudge. The kind they pour over those frosty ice cream sundaes. If you're nice they'll give it to you. Go home. Or eat this in your car.
  3. Drizzle white chocolate syrup and hot fudge over your french fries. Enjoy!

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