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Coyote Peterson Plays With Wild Ocelot

This Brave Guy Lived to Tell the Tale of Playing With a Wild Ocelot

We should start by saying this: unless you are a wild-animal expert, don't try to interact with them in their natural habitat or things could go horribly wrong for both of you. That being said, Coyote Peterson is an expert and knows a thing or two about many species, including ocelots. On a recent expedition to Costa Rica, Peterson and his show, Breaking Trail, explored a rainforest looking for creepy-crawlies and instead stumbled upon a young female ocelot. While fully grown ocelots are fierce animals who will quickly attack the jugular in an attempt to make a kill, this little lady was more content to crawl all over Peterson and play. Peterson points out more than once that this is, in fact, a wild animal, and you should absolutely not go searching for wild animals of your own in dark rainforests unless you know what you're doing. We think we'll leave the exploring to the pros and just sit back and watch this adorably overgrown house cat love up on Peterson.

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