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Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Why Working in a Dog-Friendly Office Is the Best Career Move

Dog-Friendly Workplaces
Image Source: Ellias Weiss Friedman

How much does it suck to have to leave your dog at home in the morning when you go to work? For those of us who really, really love our pups, leaving them behind is never fun, which is why many workplaces are starting to allow employees to bring their dogs to work with them. Some of these employers are specifically focused on dogs — like Bark & Co. — but others — like POPSUGAR — are regular workplaces that just happen to really love dogs. Many of these offices have amenities for the dogs, including faux grass and leash hooks at Bark & Co., and a fully stocked kibble and treat center at Kurgo.

The employees in these dog-loving offices agree that having their dogs with them increases their happiness at work, and we can understand why. Having your bestie with you all the time sounds totally like the way to go. So if you and your pup are in the market for a new gig, consider one of these amazing workplaces! Scroll through to see a selection of them and hear from the employees themselves why they love working there so much.

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