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Dog Rescued From Storm Drain

Scared Pup Rescued From Storm Drain and Reunited With Family

A couple weeks ago, a curious pup named Edgar wandered away from his home and family only to be missing for a week. In that time, the Ohio town where he lived went through numerous storms, which unfortunately Edgar is afraid of. Edgar's owner, Sean Ryan, told Today that he often lets the dog and his other rescue dog, Oscar, out to run around, knowing that they always come back. "They are good boys, but they love to sneak out," he told Today. "They'll get loose and come home on their own within a night or two."

(OC) Feel Good Story

This time, however, seven days went by and Edgar didn't return. Fortunately, luck was on Edgar's side, and Ryan found him whimpering in a storm drain. The fire department was called and Edgar was freed, suffering minor injuries. He was soon returned home to Oscar and showered with love and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Scroll through the Imgur gallery above to see Edgar's whole story in photos.

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