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Dogs Eating With Human Hands

Watch These Dogs Devour Food Using Human Hands — and Prepare to Laugh Your Behind Off

Dogs Eating With Human Hands

There's no denying that dogs have a special way of stealing the hearts of internet users. Whether they're riding motorcycles like badasses, throwing little temper tantrums, or unsuccessfully attempting to catch food in their mouths, dogs always manage to look darn adorable 24/7. But nothing reconfirms our canine love (or makes us chuckle) quite like videos of pups eating an entire plate of grub with a little help from some human hands.

This entertaining video trend stars dogs seated at a table and wearing clothes while their paws are swapped for the hands of a human to help them devour a plateful of food. The results are wildly hilarious, so we gathered some of the funniest ones for when you just need a laugh. We bet you can't watch half of the videos below without cracking a smile!

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