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Emergency Cute Tweets About Donald Trump

Emergency Cute Tweeted Fire Political Commentary and Twitter Freaked Out

Emergency Cute has long been one of the internet's most trustworthy sources of anxiety-relieving puppy pictures, but this week they're really stepping up their game. During one of America's most anxiety-inducing weeks (looking at you, Donald Trump) the usually apolitical account decided all bets were off and weighed in with some inspiring political commentary on Twitter during our country's time of need.

On the day of Donald Trump's inauguration, Emergency Pets sent out this not-so-subtle message to its nearly 600,000 followers. The tweet garnered over 1,000 retweets and an outpouring of praise from the internet:

Followers tweeted their appreciation in response to the messages of resistance from the bold pup.

But Emergency Cute didn't stop there, continuing to tweet courageous paw-litical messages throughout the weekend. It's just easier to be optimistic about the state of democracy when staring into the eyes of a civic-minded puppy, right?

We'll leave you with this pup, who we presume is equally concerned with protecting our Constitution and, say, belly rubs.

And trollers beware, Emergency Cute is not tolerating any of your nonsense. The account has been responding to nay-sayers with this same image of a pup with its tongue out. So there, haters.

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