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Fitness Trackers For Dogs

The Future of Wellness Is Here — and It's a Fit Tracker For Your Dog

Fitness Trackers For Dogs

These days, so much emphasis is being placed on health and with good reason. So many people are focusing on eating clean and exercising regularly, and the influx of fitness trackers on the market doesn't stop at just those for humans. Because being healthy should include your pets, fitness trackers made especially for dogs are on the rise. According to Dr. Louise Murray, veterinarian with Wellness TruFood, "Pets can't talk to us so it's often hard for pet parents to tell if their pet is healthy and feeling his best," which is where these devices come in. She points out that many of them track temperature and calories burned along with movement, which helps us learn so much more about our dogs.

While Dr. Murray hasn't had a chance to try any of the fit trackers on the market yet, she still thinks they have great benefits because they help combat pet obesity. "Many people think letting their dog out a few times a day counts as exercise, but trackers can help paint a more accurate picture," she said. These devices also strengthen the bond between you and your pup because not only are you monitoring his activity on your phone often, but chances are you'll be taking him out to play more often.

All in all, Dr. Murray recommends all dogs get at least 30 minutes of good activity every day, though the type of activity can vary from breed to breed. She warns, though, not to get too hung up on what the activity tracker is telling you. Every dog is different, which means every activity goal will be different. Always check with your vet with any questions or concerns. But in the meantime, we tested three of the activity trackers for dogs currently on the market to give you a little more insight into what each of them is like. Scroll through to hear from our dog owners who tested them and get more details on buying them.

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