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Goat Wearing Duck Costume

Goat Comforted by Duck Costume Is Almost Too Cute to Be Real

Goat Wearing Duck Costume

Personally, we've always felt that goats were the underrated cuties of the animal kingdom. Laying eyes on Polly the goat only confirmed our suspicion.

This 6-month-old goat turned internet sensation hails from Goats of Anarchy, a goat rescue based in New Jersey. Anxious ever since since she was just a kid (get it?) Polly's caretakers told BuzzFeed News that the only solution that was ever able to successfully calm the poor girl was tucking her into a duck costume.

Not buying it? Goats of Anarchy staff wrote on Instagram, "Polly loves her duck suit. Polly NEEDS her duck suit. It puts her right to sleep. Tonight she was feeling anxious because I'm too busy to sit with her. I put her duck suit on and she's totally happy. It instantly soothes her! Its the strangest cutest thing." Whatever makes you feel your best, Polly! (And can we get one of these duck suits, please?)

Scroll through Polly's insanely adorable Instagram feed for a guaranteed mood-booster, courtesy of one very stylish goat.

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