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How Many Pets Does Miley Cyrus Have?

How Many Pets Does Miley Cyrus Actually Have? We Did Some Investigating

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If you follow Miley Cyrus on Instagram, you know it's a wild ride — between bright colors, international travels, crazy parties, and wild videos, it's hard to keep track of what's going on in the performer's life. One constant in her social media posts, however, is Miley's veritable menagerie of pets: she has rescued dogs, cats, and even (naturally) a pig! But how many of the adorable animals on Miley's Instagram are actually a part of her current fur family (not to be mistaken for her "Dead Petz")?

We did a bit of investigating into Miley's "animal house" to determine how many animals she's rescued, what their names are, and — of course — how cute they are. The total tally, including her fiancé Liam Hemsworth's two dogs, is a whopping 13! Without further ado, meet Miley Cyrus's adorable pack of pets.

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