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How Many Pictures Do Cat Owners Take a Day?

In Completely Unsurprising News: Cat Owners Take 4-5 Pictures of Their Cats EVERY DAY

A study conducted by MiMedia revealed that the average cat owner takes four to five pictures of their cat every day. (Personally, I take more like 10, so I'm not sure what that says about me.) The study, of 1,000 participants, also showed that 40 percent of cat owners have run out of space on their phones, due in large part to the cat videos and photos. And check out this math: if you record two 11-second videos a week of your cat, that adds up to 1.14 GB of space every year. It's no wonder we never have any space on our phones! So if, like me, you can't bring yourself to stop taking pictures and videos of your adorable fluff balls, we have some other suggestions for freeing up room on your phone.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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