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Jeff Mauro's Best Sandwich Tips

The 1 Thing You Should Never Put on a Sandwich, According to the Sandwich King Himself

Food Network chef and sandwich king Jeff Mauro spilled his sandwich dos and don'ts. Keep reading to learn his best advice.

POPSUGAR: What's the ultimate breakfast sandwich?
Jeff Mauro: Perfectly griddled sausage patty, everything bagel, veggie cream cheese, and pickled jalapeños, of course.

PS: What's the worst thing anyone could put on a sandwich?
JM: Mealy tomatoes.

PS: What's the best sandwich bread ever?
JM: The answer is NONE. Each sandwich has at least one appropriate bread to act as the vehicle.

PS: Does your son eat what you cook? How do you get him to eat vegetables?
JM: Kind of. He always eats the protein we make, and starch (usually sweet potatoes) and veggies. He's still not eating salads or asparagus, but we've always fed him well-seasoned and well-balanced food. I guess the trick is, and mind you, I only have one kid, to really not give [kids] a choice. They have to at least taste everything you make.

PS: What's your ultimate Father's Day meal?
JM: My ideal Father's Day meal is a big grilled beef tenderloin. Pair that with tons of mushrooms, something cheesy, and lots of Mark West wine.

PS: What's the most fun thing about being a chef who is a dad?
JM: Taking pride in the fact that my boy knows and respects good food and where it comes from and what it takes to make it. Now with my restaurant Pork & Mindy's in Chicago, he can come hang out with me on the weekends and see food from that end of the business. Plus, I'm proud that my boy can crack an egg like a champ.

Image Source: Getty / Andrew Toth
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