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Kylie Jenner's Dogs on Instagram

13 Times Kylie Jenner's Dogs Were the Most Glamorous Members of the Kardashian Crew

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I will say it loud and proud: I consider myself to be a respectable millennial with a handful of serious interests (I know stuff about important stuff, okay?) who simultaneously and whole-heartedly embraces all things Kardashian. Anyone who dares try to persuade me that a better form of relaxation exists than sitting in sweatpants listening to Kourtney tell Kim she's "seriously so rude" on repeat for hours on end is a damn liar. But of all the members of the Kardashian family, I have to say that Kylie is my favorite. Well, not Kylie – her pups. All five of them.

Kylie's perfect pups don't get nearly enough credit for being some of the most captivating members of the entire Kardashian crew. Norman, Bambi, Sophia, Penny and Ernie spend their days sporting luxe sweaters and lounging around on fur rugs, controlling an Instagram account that rivals the following of any fashion blogger, yet their sisters always manage to steal the spotlight. Well, allow me to demonstrate why the Kardashians we should all be paying attention to are the four-legged ones.

Scroll through and behold every time Kylie Jenner's dogs proved to be the most fabulously glamorous of all the Kardashians.

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