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Lost Dog Unites Trump and Hillary Supporters | Video

Stop Everything and Watch This "Lost" Dog Remind Democrats and Republicans What Really Matters

The explosive rhetoric and heated political debates of 2016 have left us feeling angry and bitter towards one another, when what we really needed is a little extra dose of empathy and compassion.

It's clear we need an outsider's perspective to bring us back to a place of love and acceptance, and Pedigree found the perfect creature for the job. Using an adorable "lost dog," this video shows both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters working to unite this pup with his owner and engage in friendly conversation. It's wonderful proof that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground if we just put in the effort to view one another as human beings, instead of a set of opposing political beliefs.

As one man perfectly put it, "We all have our differences, but everyone loves dogs."

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