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Mia the Beagle Agility Video | Westminster 2017

Mia the Beagle May Have Bombed This Agility Course, but She's Still Our Fave

Mia the beagle

Mia the beagle does whatever Mia the beagle wants. We love Mia. #WKCDogShow

Posted by FS1 on Sunday, February 12, 2017

We get it. An agility course is really hard, even for talented dogs who are well-trained. So we kinda understand how Mia the Beagle struggled through the agility course over the weekend at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. She made a valiant effort to run the course but got sidetracked by turning in circles a few times, stopping to look around, and, the best part, licking her butt. She is a dog, after all. While she came nowhere near the fastest time in the competition, she did, indeed, finish the course, and she definitely won over the hearts of dog-lovers everywhere. Good job, Mia.

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