Everything a Pet Owner Needs For Fall

06/05/2018 - 03:05 PM

While the Fall season might mean pumpkin everything for some, for us pet owners, it means settling into cooler temperatures and maximizing coziness. For September, we found some great items that any pet owner would love to have to show their pride to the world. We also even spotted a new subscription box with the greatest price ever. (Spoiler alert: it's free!) Scroll through to see what we're loving this month!

Long story short, we love Pit Bulls [1]. So when we spotted this Pit Bull shirt at Arm the Animals [2] ($27), we fell in love. We stand behind everything Arm the Animals promotes: animal positivity, cute clothes with animals on them, and products that give back to animal shelters.

Fall is a great time to change up what you have going on in your garden. No, really, it is! We suggest you customize one of these supercool garden flags [3] ($28) with your pet's picture on it. Flagology has several designs to choose from, and you can make one (like I did!) that will show everyone who has the best pet in town.

As the weather turns cooler, you might want to cuddle up with a good book this month. We suggest All Black Cats Are Not Alike [4] ($16, out Sept. 20), which features profiles of 50 different black cats and what makes them unique.

Beauty blogger Karen, who runs Makeup and Beauty Blog [5], just launched a store under her lifestyle brand Connor Claire. In it, you can find all things cats and makeup, including this kitty tote ($30). It's large enough to carry all the rest of your kitty-festooned belongings and your makeup, of course. [6]

Your cat will flip for this cardboard Eiffel Tower [7] ($45) made from all recycled materials. The maker, Poopy Cat (yes, really), also has other landmarks to choose from if you don't feel your cat is particularly Parisian, and all of them are just as detailed as the next.

How would you like to get a bunch of pet-related samples in the mail every month, at no monetary cost to you? That's exactly what you get with PINCHme [8] (Free). By subscribing to this service, you get to choose what samples you'll get in a box delivered to your door, and it costs you nothing except a bit of time. All you have to do in return is let PINCHme what you think of the sample products. Super easy, right?

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