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Pictures of Bo and Sunny Obama

Look at These Pictures of Bo and Sunny Obama Next Time You're Feeling Down

Pictures of Bo and Sunny Obama

While we will certainly miss the entire Obama family after eight classy years in the White House, we feel it's important to shed a light on the real stars, here: Bo and Sunny Obama. The First Family welcomed Bo following President Obama's inauguration, and Bo was later joined by Sunny in 2013. Both presidential pups are Portuguese Water Dogs and, yes, both are insanely adorable. They do look pretty similar, however, one noticeable difference is Sunny's coat is fully black while Bo has patches of white on his chest and legs, which kind of look like legwarmers.

In light of our current political climate, we've rounded up their cutest pictures so that you always have something to refer to when you're in need of a good pick-me-up. Enjoy.

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