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Questions to Ask Before Getting a Dog With Your Partner

4 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Dog With Your Significant Other

If you and your significant other share a major dog obsession, you're probably counting down until the day you have a pup to call your own. We totally get it! But before taking the leap into dog parenthood, make sure to ask each other these important questions and answer them honestly. Even if the timing isn't right this very second to add a dog into the equation, consider other types of pets that might better suit your lifestyle.

Is your relationship in a good place?

If you find yourself bored or frustrated with your partner, a new puppy is not a "reset" button on your relationship. Dogs bring so much love to the table, but they also bring stress, dog poop and extra bills. Puppies are not a solution for a rocky romance, plain and simple.

Are you ready to give up some of your spontaneity?

Does your relationship thrive on last minute trips to wherever the next plane is headed? Nights spent partying until last call? If you two are prone to throwing down too many beers on a Thursday night and waking up in Miami the next day, rock on! We're tired just thinking about it. That said, a dog probably isn't in the cards. Pups need stability, love, and someone to let them out every single night and early each morning – maybe a more independent pet, like a cat, is a better match.

Does it still feel uncomfortable to talk about money in your relationship?

If your dates end in awkward mumbles about whose turn it is to foot the bill, give it time before adding a dog into the mix. Bills pile up fast with a pup in the family, so discussing money is going to be par for the course. Be sure you and your partner can tackle topics like budgeting without arguing or shutting down.

Are you down with getting a little dirty?

No, we're not talking about "dirty" in a hot, sexy way. Dog ownership means occasionally being knee-deep in dog poop and puppy vomit and loving your furry friend just the same. It's one of those "in sickness and in health" commitments, so you and your partner have to be ok with things getting a little messy. If a pristine apartment is at the top of your priority list, a dog will present some major challenges.

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