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'90s Kid Problems

18 Struggles Only '90s Kids Experienced

Source: Instagram user _1983.03.09_

Talk to a teenager or kid these days and they won't remember anything about CD players or using a landline. But if you're someone who grew up before the age of the iPhone, chances are you still remember dialing *67 when calling your crush. While we've gotten past these points in technology, it doesn't hurt to look back and remember just how far we've made it. Here are 18 moments that we're so thankful are over.

  1. Having to three-way call your crush to talk to them without actually saying a word. (True love meant listening in while staying on mute.)
  2. Signing up for AIM and creating terrible chat room screen names like Bluebearlover123 or xXcuT13xX.
  3. Cursing dial-up when it kicked you offline after a call came through and all you wanted to do was play Neopets.
  4. Seeing your Tamagotchi die in the middle of class.

  5. Source: Instagram user marion_laille

  6. Going over your texting limit and getting grounded. (♪ Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me ♪ )
  7. Pressing *67 to remain anonymous while calling your crush. Or, using *69 to find out who was prank calling you.
  8. Playing Game Boy Color while everyone else showed off their Game Boy Advance SPs.
  9. Rubber banding your Walkman so it wouldn't skip. Which wasn't as embarrassing as . . .
  10. . . . Owning a Zune. (RIP)

  11. Source: Instagram user taludwig123

  12. Crying because you got to Blockbuster and there was no VHS available of Scream.
  13. Taping a song on the radio only to find out you weren't quick enough and accidentally recorded a commercial.
  14. Getting paper cuts because of your paper MapQuest directions.
  15. Believing that blowing into game cartridges fixed everything, even though it meant getting dust in your face.
  16. Rocking out to your one-minute HitClips of Britney Spears and *NSYNC.

  17. Source: Instagram user amandalpatterson

  18. Yelling back and forth with your parents when they'd pick up the second phone line and tell you to hang up.
  19. Sending secret pager codes, like 143.
  20. Getting caught writing inappropriate things on your T89 calculator.
  21. Letting people know how you felt by changing the song on your voicemail or Verizon ringback tone.

While we may be addicted to our smartphones and have mentally blocked out the days of using Razr phones, there was nothing like experiencing this technology. Cheers to our childhood — and seriously, does anyone still own a Zune?

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