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App for Passport Photos

This Apps Delivers The Perfect Passport Photo

When you live abroad, the occasions on which you find yourself in need of a passport size photo increase exponentially. Visa applications, drivers license transfers, ID cards-- the list goes on.

While many of us have become accustomed to carrying around the tiny square portraits in our wallet (what's more embarrassing than carrying around a stack of photos of yourself--especially when they happen to all look like mugshots?), a new app now offers a much easier solution.

ItsEasy save you the hassle of dragging yourself to get your passport photo taken, but it also has features that can make those always-underwhelming shots much more glamorous. Take as many selfies as you'd like until you find one that you aren't horrified for immigration officers across the globe to lay eyes on, and then either email it to yourself, or pay a small fee to get it printed and mailed to you.

The app also can help with passport renewal, and other immigration issues. Download it here, it's free!

Image Source: Apple
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