These Tech Hacks Are More Life-Changing Than Marie Kondo's Folding Method

10/02/2019 - 03:17 PM

The future is here, people, and the age of innovation [1] is upon us! Technology is only getting smarter, and sometimes it's hard to keep up with these tech-savvy changes [2]. It's crazy to see what your handheld devices [3] can do, but it's even crazier when you learn that they can do so much more than you thought.

So get ready, because these tech hacks [4] will stop you right in your (digital) tracks. Learn them now before another digital revolution [5] begins!

How to Turn Your Photos Into Boomerangs

Instagram Stories has a neat little trick that can help you turn a live photo into a Boomerang. Learn how to do that here [6].

How to Take a Screenshot on the X, XS, XS Max, and XR iPhone

Having trouble taking a screenshot? Read this for a step-by-step guide [7].

How to Set Limits on Screen Time

Whether you need to monitor your own screen time or someone else's, this article [8] will give you step-by-step directions.

How to Make Your Own "Memoji"

Re-create yourself in the digital realm with the new Memoji. Learn how to make yours here [9].

How to Get More Engagement on an Instagram Photo

If you want more people to see your latest post on Instagram, take a look at this tip! Learn more about it here [10].

How to Get More Storage on Your iPhone

Never face a storage crisis again with this cool hack. Learn more about it here [11].

How to Automatically Lock Your Android Phone

See how to lock an Android phone in seconds! Learn more here [12].

How to Use Your Apple Watch to the Fullest at Disneyland

Thought you knew all the Apple Watch tricks? Think again! Read about this genius Disneyland trick here [13].

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