"Delete Your Account" and 14 Other Hillary Clinton Tweets You Won't Forget

03/05/2018 - 07:09 PM

When you think of Twitter, Hillary Clinton probably isn't the first person you think of. But that's not to say the former first lady hasn't tweeted her fair share of Twitter gems. Keep reading to see some of her most liked and retweeted tweets, like the infamous "Delete your account" tweet, which is her most retweeted tweet [1], according to Twitter. What you see ahead is definitely a glimpse of what we could have expected if she did become President.

When she became the first woman to be nominated for President of a major political party.

When she inspired little girls every where to reach for the stars.

When she embraced her daughter Chelsea Clinton after winning the final debate.

When she hugged it out with President Obama at the DNC.

When she got the support of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

When she was ready for victory.

When she reminded women and Latino voters of the importance of this election.

When she called out Donald Trump's divided America ideas.

When her team wished her a happy birthday.

When she reminded us why it's important to have a calm and steady hand.

When she was clear about how she felt about Trump's crude remarks about women.

When she pointed out Donald Trump's contradiction.

When she came prepared to win this.

When she reminded Donald Trump of his tweets.

When she delivered the ultimate burn to Donald Trump.

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