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College Students Remove Rat From Home

This Viral Video Shows the Ridiculous Way 4 Teens Removed a Rat From Their House

What should you do if you discover a rat in your house? Record it for social media, of course. At least that's what these four teens from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA thought to do once they came up with a "ridiculous" plan to get the pesky rodent out of their bathroom.

In the 7-second clip uploaded by Twitter user Jody Mackin, the clever group of teens set up a blockade near the bathroom's exit using a mop bucket. Once the large sized rat comes running out of the bathroom, one teen knocks it down a flight of steps using a mop. At landing, the rat attempts to make a getaway back into the house before another teen swiftly sends it flying out onto the street using a broom. Mackin's tweet now has over 104,000 retweets and over 184,000 "likes" on Twitter at press time.

Many Twitter users shared their reactions to the insane video, with some empathizing with the rat:

While others weren't so forgiving, even praising the teens for their flawless execution.

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