7 Gadgets You've Never Heard of But Absolutely Need

23/04/2018 - 01:16 PM

Keeping up with the latest technology [1] can be a challenge. Here's my list of the latest and greatest must have gadgets that you've never heard of but just might need. From custom home lightening to the very first smart LED bike helmet, these products are fun and can improve your daily life.

Picture Keeper

If you take thousands of photos with your phone, like me, then the Picture Keeper [2] (starting at $30) is an absolute must. This back up USB storage system is unique because you can plug it directly into your phone or tablet — and then it downloads all of your photos. The best part? It keeps your photos arranged within their designated album. This is great gift for moms and dads who don’t want to lose those special digital moments. Be prepared because the downloading process is a bit slow, but after testing out a lot of options, this is the best on the market (in my opinion).


As we continue to learn more about the impact that lighting has on our overall health and well-being, Helia [3] ($50) stands out as a great option to improve your home lightening experience. Helia is making their 2017 consumer debut with their patented BlueFREE LED lighting, which adapts to the personal schedule of the home owner. The Helia knows exactly what type lighting to emit, based on your personal preferences, at any time of the day! The company, known for its high-end lighting in museums and top luxury stores, is a top tier trusted company that does plenty of sleep science research for their proprietary patented technology.


Over one-third of adults hit snooze more than three times a day – and I’m one of them! For those of us who set seven alarm clocks and still find a way to hit snooze on all of them, meet Ruggie [4] ($99) the world’s first talking rug alarm. This revolutionary gadget gets you out of bed on time, since you need to literally get up to turn it off. It also rewards you with daily motivation to keep you on a regular sleeping schedule. And for those extra stubborn sleepers (also guilty), the Ruggie can get loud with sounds ranging from 90- 120db. It’s like a jackhammer going off in your room!

Viio Hi Tech Mirrors

The Viio mirror [5] ($395) combines beauty, light and sound. Oh, so geek and glam! Mount this gorgeous mirror anywhere: it comes equipped with touchscreen LED surround lights, anti-fog capability, and dynamic sound quality to listen to music, or take calls hands free. It has six hours of battery life or can be operated via a permanent plug. It also comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

blendSMART Foundation Brush

Anyone who is make-up savvy knows how much time and effort you can spend in the morning applying foundation. The blendSMART [6] (starting at $69) can be used with powder or liquid foundation, and since it evenly distributes your makeup, you'll probably use less of the product. The rotating anti-microbial bristles provide a thoroughly blended, perfect finish. I thought this product was a bit silly at first, but after I tried it out I was sold.

Lemon Solar Powered Speaker

The Lemon [7] ($189) is the first solar powered speaker with excellent 3D sound quality. It's also voice activated and waterproof. It raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter [8] and was developed with NASA-grade technology. The speakers integrate NASA solar cells that trap sunlight within the panels and turn it into power. Just seven hours of direct sunlight equals 20 hours of music playback time!

Lumos Helmet

The Lumos [9] ($180) is the world's first smart bicycle helmet with integrated headlights, brake lights and turn signals! It has LED white lights in the front and red lights in the back. The helmet senses when you slow down, and automatically turns all the rear lights bright solid red. It also has a small attachment for the handlebars, so you can activate the LED turn signal on the helmet. It's weatherproof, comes with a rechargeable battery, and is a must for any city cyclist. The Lumos brings safety to a whole new level!

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